Our Approach

Our Approach

Are you ready to solve your health mystery? Have you ever wondered what your symptoms are trying to tell you and what the reasons are behind your or your family’s health, mood, or behavior issues? Do you want to know why you feel the way you do and what may have caused this?

Your Symptoms tell the story. By slowing down and simply listening, you’ll hear your body trying to tell you something. Through a thorough review of your health history, symptoms, and dietary habits, Full Life Nutrition takes the time to listen to, to hear, and interpret your story. Sifting through the clues, a picture begins to emerge as to the what, how, and why. We’ll help you understand what your body is asking for, what it needs to be brought back into balance, and what may be the root causes of your condition.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Pain between your shoulder blades or under your right rib cage? Probably an issue with your liver or gallbladder.
  • Bloating shortly after eating? Likely low stomach acid or a need for pancreatic enzymes.
  • Nose bleeds, easily bruised or bleeding gums especially when brushing teeth? Sounds like a bioflavonoid/Vitamin C deficiency or maybe there’s a calcium imbalance.
  • Susceptible to mosquito bites? B vitamins might help.
  • Hair is dry, breaking, falling out or the outer 1/3 of your eyebrows is missing? It could be a low functioning thyroid.
  • Out of proportion of reactions, tantrums, or mood swings? Possibly one or more of the following: adrenals, hormones, blood sugar regulation, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, toxicity, reaction to a food additive, or coloring…we can investigate further to pinpoint.

The above are just a few examples of symptoms that, when grouped together, can help create a bigger picture of what’s going on. You’ll see more clearly what’s impacting your different systems and what’s the highest priority. And then of course there’s the why – WHY is there a thyroid issue or a blood sugar regulation issue? WHY is there an issue with your liver? We’re always looking for the why.  It’s important to note that we don’t diagnose or treat disease, instead we analyze your current symptoms and address them nutritionally and naturally.

What will work for you? I tend to find that where there are health issues (whether physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, etc.) there is poor diet, poor nutrient absorption, and a long history of digestive problems. In many cases, we’ll work to address your diet and digestion first. Everyone is different and each person has a unique bio-individuality, meaning not every diet, supplement, or protocol will work for everyone. Different cars need different kinds of gas and different people need different kinds of diets.  Is Paleo perfect? Is GAPS great? Are Feingold or Low FODMAP Fabulous? Is Weston A Price Wonderful? The answer is YES – these are all terrific diets in their own way. However, it’s important to find the right diet, as well as the right elements from each diet for you. Some diets may be too complex and intense so maybe you simplify it and just work with some of the guidelines. Also, some people feel better as mostly a carnivore, some as mostly vegetarians and then there’s everything in between.  Maybe your ideal will be more like a buffet by picking and choosing from the offerings that best fit. Together we’ll work to identify the best approach for you.

While diet, nutrition, and traditional foods are the missing link for health, it’s important to consider that you can eat the best diet in the world – perfect for you in every way, however, your body must be able to digest properly in order to absorb the nutrients.  This is why it’s crucial that we determine what your body needs to make this happen.  Another area to look at would be different stressors on your body which may prevent it from functioning properly.  In addition to stress from work, school, stressful circumstances and events, etc. other types of stressors may include undetected food intolerances/allergies, heavy metal or chemical toxicity, bacterial or fungal overgrowth and EMFs to name a few.

What to expect. Symptoms and conditions take time to develop and also take time to heal. While our clients vary in the time it takes to reach their goals, the process is generally grouped into three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Initial Consultation (1-2 Sessions): Each initial consultation consists of an in-depth personal interview, which includes a review of your or your child’s detailed health questionnaire, symptom assessment questionnaire, and three-day food diary (submitted prior to your appointment). Through a review of your or your child’s unique bio-individuality, lifestyle, readiness for change, the severity of the concern, and other factors you’ll be provided with an initial plan that includes a first round of dietary, supplemental, environmental adjustment/gentle detoxification and lifestyle change recommendations. Based on the amount of information to discuss this phase may take 2 sessions. After each session you’ll receive a detailed summary of your next steps and resources.
  • Phase 2 – Foundations (5-12 Sessions): During this phase we’ll work on your health at a foundational level based on the findings and goals from your initial consultation and check-in to fine-tune your nutritional protocol as your body heals. Since everyone is different, the time it takes to heal differs from person to person, but generally speaking, working on foundations on average takes from 3-6 months (about 5-12 sessions; approximately once every 2-4 weeks).  This could take longer based on the severity of your concern. Typically, clients have more sessions in the beginning and then taper off as time goes by with less frequent and fewer appointments based on their progress. Includes periodic reports to check progress.
  • Phase 3 – Maintenance: Typically after clients achieve their goals they’ll touch base for periodic follow up appointments for a “tune-up” (approximately every 3 months) or return to delve deeper into an existing condition or address a new concern.