“I worked with Ingrid to help support some health changes I wanted to make for my family, specifically my daughter, after learning she was dyslexic and had ADHD. Ingrid was incredibly insightful, had such well researched and thoughtful recommendations, and was able to both educate and guide me as we sought a holistic/naturopathic approach to helping my daughter focus, to regain mental clarity, to sleep better, and to help her relax. I had no idea how connected your brain and your gut really are – and the education and inspiration Ingrid shared is ever-present in our lives 3 years later. Ingrid’s approach is customized based on your individual needs and is very un-intimidating. I completely trust her product recommendations and appreciate her ability to take a step-by-step approach. I highly recommend her and have sent many friends her way.”


“My experience working with Ingrid has been an incredibly positive, life-changing gift. I highly recommend Ingrid. She is patient, gentle, understanding and I appreciate her willingness to listen and make mindful recommendations based on my family’s needs. Initially, I began working with Ingrid to help my 9-year-old daughter. As vegetarians, my daughter was on a soy-based diet since birth. The problem was that she was only eating about 700 calories a day, showed no excitement for food, and was beginning to depend on sugar to satisfy her hunger. I felt worried and stuck. Ingrid helped me to understand my daughter’s nutritional needs and guided me to gently introduce meat into my daughter’s diet. It was amazing. Within two weeks, my daughter was eating chicken and not looking for sugar. It’s been about six months and my daughter continues to heal. Integrating meat was a painful decision for my family. However, once my daughter’s health needs changed, my husband and I modified our diets to include meat. We both noticed a positive difference. I was interested in learning more so I asked Ingrid to help me with my diet and nutritional needs. Three months later and I feel so much better. I lost 15 pounds, I have more energy and I am more organized in my thinking and in my life. Thank you, Ingrid.”


“If you have gone to numerous doctors who have not been able to help you, Ingrid will work diligently with you to get to the root of your problems. She is very knowledgeable and caring and will see you through until you feel better. Using food as medicine, along with appropriate supplements and lifestyle suggestions, she will guide you to feel your optimal best. If you want personal attention with someone who is not only highly knowledgeable in many health issues but is also genuine and caring, I can’t recommend Ingrid enough!”


“Ingrid is a genius with this stuff! I just do whatever she tells me to do because it works! I used to think I was healthy and knew a lot about nutrition, but I still struggled with not feeling my best and my focus, energy, and mood were inconsistent. Ingrid was able to identify some key areas for us to focus on and broke it out into easy to follow steps that I felt comfortable with. The program I followed was personalized and unique to me and not a one-size-fits-all program like all the fad books out there. After working with Ingrid I have pressed the “reset button” on my health and I feel completely revived and alive again. I’m a much happier person, my mood is stabilized, and I feel like my happiness is spilling over into all areas of my life. I have renewed energy to spend with my family and for work. My relationships with my daughters are closer and more engaged, my performance at work is more focused and I have more stamina. In addition, I’ve have had one of the best allergy seasons of my life. I feel so grateful to have worked with Ingrid and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health, energy, and mood.”


“I have suffered from poor digestion and gut issues my whole life and have tried so many different products/supplements/etc…and have sought advice and counsel from many eastern and western practitioners. After my 1st session with Ingrid, she identified very accurately what was happening in my body. I had so many issues, all interconnected, but Ingrid very easily broke it down for me and explained what was happening in my body and more importantly, why. Ingrid knew my hormones were off and told me about the connection between the gut, our hormones, and immune system and so she said that first and foremost we needed to treat my gut. She gave me just one or two things to start with so as to not overwhelm me, my system or my lifestyle with new regimens and protocols. After taking one or two supplements that Ingrid recommended and following her protocol, I felt instantly better and started to process and digest food better than I have in my entire life. My appetite was better, bloating and gas were way down. I was so impressed after just one session that now I don’t know what I would do without her advice and counsel. I was about to give up after seeing so many practitioners who didn’t really listen to me, or if they listened, they were not hearing what I was saying. Ingrid listens, hears you and helps. She is so down to earth and so approachable and she shares her own experiences which makes you feel more at ease than anyone I have ever worked with. I am now on a road to recovery with Ingrid’s advice and counsel. My gut is healing day by day and this, in turn, has calmed down my hormones; I sleep better, have more energy, look better and have better moods.”


“Full Life Nutrition rocks. Ingrid is amazing at what she does. She is super compassionate and knows her stuff. She recommends products that work. I highly recommend Ingrid and Full Life Nutrition.”


“Working with Ingrid has helped me approach health, diet, exercise, and life in a more balanced and holistic way. Every session provides practical building blocks and tips, which are easy to understand and apply. Within a couple of months, I have noticed changes in my well-being: improved skin and hair, higher energy levels, better sleeping patterns, increased curiosity for a larger variety of foods. Thank you for your guidance!”


“Thank you for working with me to create an achievable plan to improve my overall health. Putting the right foods and lifestyle changes in my life has helped me find balance in a busy and stressful high-pressure job. Particularly helpful were suggestions for eating healthfully while traveling frequently on business. The changes I’ve made have drastically reduced the frequency of migraines and back/neck pain. Most importantly, the suggestions and improvements have been realistic and sustainable, and I feel ever more confident in keeping up this proactive approach to maintaining my health.”


“Thank you for helping me get untangled from the things that are binding me [from achieving my health goals]! I appreciate your commitment to me and my well-being and the extra time you spent tonight, it was so powerful and meaningful to me.”


“After I followed just a few of the simple recommendations Ingrid gave me to help me with my IBS, my symptoms have greatly decreased. After years of dealing with this uncomfortable condition, my life is now much easier.”